My grocery bill today was…obscene.  I mentioned before that I was honing in on the Sam’s Club special on grass fed lamb shanks, but I failed to mention that I also had steaks on the menu (and when it comes to steaks…well, I have superior taste).I’m hoping…praying, even…that we’ll generate enough leftovers to help keep the monthly total within reason.  Also working in my favor is the Thanksgiving holiday, which is four whole days free of any meal preparation on my part.

This week’s grocery bill:


In my defense, this is still a lot less than I have spent in the past for a week of groceries.  Yes, I could have swapped the steaks and lamb for more chicken or cheaper cuts because we’re-on-a-budget-because weddings-are-expensive-and-so-are-holiday-plane-tickets-and-we-have-a-2-hour-commute-and-a-mortgage-and-I could-go-on-and-on-and-on-and-bless-his-heart-The Man-hears-me-give-this-spiel-every-day-and-hasn’t-left-me-yet…but gosh-darn-it, it’s a long weekend and I wanted a steak and some lamb to celebrate because we work hard and we deserve it!!

On the menu tonight:  I’m slow-roasting some pork carnitas, which I plan on smothering in salsa ans sour cream.  Clearly, we’re not making any effort to carb load for the race tomorrow :)

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