Drained…like my Bathtub Won’t

I lose an absurd amount of hair in the shower and we happen to have a drain that we’re too lazy is really hard to unclog because you can’t pull the cover off…This has nothing to do with anything except that it makes a clever post title and we’ve had standing water in the tub for 2 days and have been showering in the guest bathroom.  Don’t judge.

I had a hellish day yesterday and didn’t have the energy to pack any meals, so my original plan was just to suck it up and eat at the DFAC today.  At 4:30 this morning as I was hazily getting ready for work, I realized that was a stupid idea and just threw some greens, prunes, butternut squash, and chicken into a tupperware for a breakfast salad:

It may not be pretty, but sure beats powdered eggs!

For lunch, I couldn’t get away from my desk so I called The Man and he got us some salads from Jason’s:
Greens, chicken, apples, nuts, grapes, oil, and vinegar…

When I got home I promptly popped open a bottle of wine.  Dinner is leftovers.  Possibly another salad with chicken.
I’m pooped.

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