Saturday Morning Goodness

The Man and I both got a delicious 11 hours of sleep last night…I’m waking up completely refreshed for the first time since before Christmas.  Sad?  Absolutely.  We’re both overworked and way too over-caffeinated for quality sleep about 99.999% of the time…but sooner or later, I should get my multi-million dollar book deal so I can work from home and never ever change out of yoga pants as long as I live.


Anyway, I may have been refreshed but I was not in the mood for anything complicated for breakfast.  The Man suggested going out but it’s one thing to eat out whilst following a Paleo diet, but eating out on a Whole30 is a completely different animal.

After a quick mental inventory of our stocks, I came up with a ballsy idea that paid off in a big way…Patacones and Eggs!

I made a quick batch of Patacones (I let them bake while coffee was brewing).

And cooked us up some nice, runny eggs.

I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out since “bananas and eggs” isn’t exactly a Great American Household Classic that I know of, but this was incredible.  Breakfast just isn’t breakfast without runny eggs…and the plantains provide just enough starchiness to soak up the yolks and explode in your mouth with gooey, rich breakfast goodness.  Oh, and I feel the need to mention, also, that the Patacones are SO much better fresh than reheated (like I did yesterday).

Heading out soon for the Round Rock farmer’s market, then a run later while The Man applies to business school…Happy Saturday!

**Thank you, thank you, thank you to Juli of PaleOMG for the Patacones…I steal a LOT of her recipes but it’s always SO worth it :)

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