Let’s Get Schweaty

Though I miss my home and The Man immensely (I love you, babe, and you totally complete me!!), I could really get used to not having to wake up at the a**-crack of dawn.  I could really get used to being a student and having zero responsibilities except for studying, homework, and showing up on time.  I could really, really, really get used to a king-sized bed and amazing water pressure in the shower and a giant plasma TV.  Just sayin’.

After rolling out of bed at 6:30 (TWO HOURS after I normally do…legit!!), I made some coffee and caught up on some work for the day ahead.  About an hour later I actually put some clothes on and had a couple of Carrot Raisin Muffins

An hour after that, I headed to class.  All I’m going to say about that is San Antonio traffic sucks.  A lot.  I grew up in a Very Small Town, so I don’t appreciate people trying to force me off the interstate whilst moving along at 75 mph.  There was cold sweat involved.

I was again attacked by my posture-pedic chair this morning, so at lunch I took a quick walk around the block to shake things out.  I also needed the sunshine and fresh air because the class material is so dense I was pretty sure my brain was bleeding.

For lunch I headed over to Central Market because it’s right off post.  Their salad bar isn’t as extensive as the one at Whole Foods, but it’s got all I need…

Spinach, tomato, egg, ham, and artichokes with olive oil and sea salt I brought with me.  I don’t trust the salad dressings and oils on the salad bar itself because the dressings are usually full of soy and/or canola oil and I’ve found that if the oil at the oil-and-vinegar station is actually olive oil, it’s either crappy quality or rancid or both.  Whatever, I’m picky.

After class I changed at the post gym and headed down to a Vinyasa class at a nice little yoga studio I found nearby.  It was my first hot yoga class and I wasn’t sure how I’d feel about getting super sweaty, but it was actually kind of nice to sweat out all the nastiness of the day…I do, however, send a million apologies to the girl next to me for the stench that must have been radiating from my feet.  When they’re cramped in boots all day, they fester…whatever!  Oh, and I was the only one of about 20 in class not in full-length pants–and in many cases, full-length sleeves.  WTF?  Is this normal???  In case no one got the memo, it’s really, really hot in there and I prefer a little air on my skin.  Or did I unnecessarily scandalize everyone in my short shorts?

For dinner, I hit up Central Market again.

I wasn’t starving for dinner, even after yoga, so I settled for some grilled salmon and a mix of Brussels Sprouts and broccoli salad (broccoli, bacon, almonds, and what I assume are craisins).

God, I miss cooking real food…

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  1. thedrunkenpigs.com

    I am surprised about the long sleeves and long pants. At my hot yoga class the girls are all wearing sports bras and tiny shorts. love love love Central Market grilled salmon. I can NEVER get mine to come out as good as theirs.


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