Last night I had a dream that I was both being chased by dinosaurs and dating this guy I haven’t seen since high school…whom I never actually dated and frankly would never, ever want to.  Not sure which part of that scenario is scarier.  And oh, by the way, I was living in a penthouse apartment in the middle of the prehistoric redwood forests.  Terrifying.
I blame the loss of quality sleep that resulted from said dream (not the dehydration due to my massive coffee consumption of late) on a general feeling of complete shittiness all day today.  Not, really, I felt like hot garbage. I considered taking a rest day, but the fact that I sat on my ass all day took that off the table.  Not moving around much was making me feel worse through the course of the day, not better.

So, I decided to go to a hot yoga class…you know, get blood flowing and sweat out all the toxins and stuff.  But I’m still hella sore and besides, despite the fact we got out of class early enough for me to get back to the hotel and change I got distracted by E! News just wasn’t feeling it.

Finally, after a vicious back-and-forth between my body and my mind, I hoofed it down to the hotel gym and got a solid bike ride with my Kindle and a nice, long stretch session.  I sweat just enough to clear my head, loosened the legs, and actually had a proper cool-down.  I would have run on the treadmill but I definitively cannot run on a treadmill without music and I haven’t changed up the music on my Zune since I was deployed…and my taste in music sucked in a major way back then.  You know, a whole year ago…

I’m glad I took an easy day, though, because we have an active weekend planed.  I managed to find a Crossfit gym nearby where we can drop in, and we’re also going to hit up a Vinyasa class…maybe a good deep tissue massage, too…which should make up for the massive amount of Mexican food I plan on consuming.

Anyhoo…breakfast today was some Pumpkin Spice Hot Cereal.

I’m looking forward to being able to get some more protein and fewer nut-based meals after this trip.  I adore nut butters and flours and foods like Paleonola/Krunch Cereal that tend to be nut and seed-heavy, but after too long they definitely slow me down.  I’m taking my fish oil, ladies and gents, but I’m reaching my O-6 threshold regardless.  Besides, I miss hot greasy yolkey eggs and bacon.

Lunch was another salad from Whole Foods…which I had to sit in some nasty traffic to get.  Oh, and they were out of the roast turkey I love so much.  Me = pissed.  It totally doesn’t even deserve mention but I’m feeling generous.

Dinner tonight was a baked Japanese sweet potato (they’re like giant marshmallows…seriously, I love them) with some EVOO and sea salt–thanks again to Old Faithful.

Oh yeah, and some chicken, too…the vanilla-pepper combo with the super-sweet potato was like eating a chicken-based dessert.  Take note, Iron Chef contestants!!!!  (I found it first)

Dessert tonight is a hefty portion of homework…spring semester just started and I’m working on two more classes.  Only four more and I’m all done…OMG!  I’m almost a grown-up!!!

*PS…the title of this post is inspired by a review I read of Terra Nova.  If you haven’t seen it, don’t.  It’s ridiculous in a terrible kind of way.  But I was thinking about it today thanks to my dream.  Specifically, I was thinking of this review, which is totally worth your time.

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