What We’ve Been Eating Lately

With the move currently underway and the wedding right around the corner, I haven’t had much time to dedicate to cooking meals that are…well…pretty.  While I’m not going to claim that every recipe on this blog is a 5-star meal, I at least like to think that they are the result of a little more thought, planning, and often trial-and-error than many of my kitchen staples.

Seriously, as many nights as I make something crazy and time consuming, Ross and I are eating baked chicken and steamed broccoli…or Big Ass Salads…or eggs and bacon…or any number of positively boring meals.  Even if they’re not boring, a lot of what we make just doesn’t make the cut.  Mostly because I just threw it together from stuff we have laying around or frankly because I just forgot about it.

So in honor of all those forgotten and/or lame, boring, or otherwise monotonous meals, I threw together this post in the hope that even without real recipes I can inspire some Paleo-friendly culinary creativity.


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2 thoughts on “What We’ve Been Eating Lately

  1. Jen

    what are these waffles you’re using? are they Paleo or just GF? sorry if you posted that somewhere already


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