Book Review: The 21 Day Sugar Detox

You guys know that I loveloveLOVE the 21 Day Sugar Detox, so clearly I almost peed myself when I heard Diane Sanfilippo was releasing a an actual version of the popular e-book program guide. You know, the kind with pages that slip through your fingers and that delicious new-book smell?  Oh, and then she was kind enough to send an advance copy for a book review. ZOMG. Total fangirl moment.

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I mean, Paleo/Primal followers all know just how bad refined sugar is, especially when it’s a staple of the Standard American Diet. And if you (or more likely a loved one) aren’t already convinced that sugar is the devil, the excellent science-filled intro to this book is certain to put you over the edge. Even though, like many of you, my first true Paleo experience was a strict Whole 30, I actually prefer the 21DSD for a ton of reasons.  Though your mileage may vary, my first 21DSD taught me that I’m particularly vulnerable to sugar’s effects. I’ve done the program two more times since then. I would never tell you that completing a 21DSD is easy, because it’s not. Still, it’s uh-MAZING. Seriously, you’ll learn so much about the insidious ways sugar makes its way into your diet, but you’ll also just FEEL better, all the time. Better sleep, better skin (this was huge for me), better mental clarity, (better sex…wait, what?), ad infinitum.

Alright, so you know the 21DSD is awesome, you know you should try it at least once, but you may be thinking to yourself, “Well, I already got the e-book, do I really need ” Um. Yes.  Hey, I know as well as anyone that grass fed beef isn’t cheap, and frankly I’d rather spend extra cash on a couple bottles of red wine…But is this book worth it? Well, I wouldn’t be writing this if the answer wasn’t a wholehearted “EFF YES!” Sure, there are a ton of Paleo/Primal/Gluten-Free books out there competing for your limited attention and money, but I would absolutely put this latest one up with the best of them.

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Like I said, the first part of the book goes super in-depth on all the reasons WHY you should do a 21DSD. Not only that, but this is probably the best job Diane’s ever done of explaining how important this is for your health. There’s lots of science, but it’s all easy to follow, especially with super-cute illustrations. She’ll also walk you through how to prepare for your first 21DSD, what to expect, how to dine out (sugar is sneaky!), and how to modify as needed for your workouts. It’s completely revised from the original e-book, so even us veterans have something new to look forward to.

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Hands down though, the best part of the book (for me at least) is the hundred-plus pages of recipes. Whether or not you’re on a 21DSD, these are seriously awesome. Standard stuff applies: production quality, beautiful photos, yada yada yada. But look – Diane didn’t just rehash the recipes you can already find on her website – she wrote a ton of new stuff and everything I’ve tried has been great. There are lots of quick and easy recipes that could easily be part of your weekly routine. They’re simple and they’re delicious – what more could a busy girl ask for?  A handful are more complex, but geez are they worth the time! Diane has main dishes, soups, salads, dressings, and even some great desserts that – trust me! – you’re gonna want around Day 8. And maybe Day 15…and 19.  But you know what? I’m probably going to make some of these next week even though I’m NOT on a 21DSD right now. Cuz you know…I heart chocolate.

The best part though? This book is totally Man-approved. We’ve had the time to play around with the entries in this book for a little while now, and my huband has loved everything so far. Best part! Not only did I make some of these recipes for Ross, he made a couple himself. My husband will be the first to tell you that he’s…challenged…in the kitchen. Which is why I have to keep an eye on him when I’m traveling, because he’s been known to cheat out of pure fear of the oven. Or eat six Quest Bars for dinner. But Ross said he could easily feed himself for a week or two just using the recipes in Diane’s book. Bottom line – you will NOT regret buying this book.

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