Mid Week Link Dump


8 kitchen hacks every girl (or guy!) should know…poaching an egg in the microwave?! Mind. Blown.

Speaking of eggs in the microwave…here’s a few more ways to get your breakfast, like, pronto.

So, Pillsbury sells tubs of gluten free pizza dough. Which means I can make this reee-donk pizza cake. Just you wait.

So, when I’m done with the aforementioned pizza cake, I can act all healthy and make this gorgeous kale and beet salad with candied walnuts. Seriously, work of art.

Cauliflower is everywhere! So versitile, so cheap, so good. Remember when I made this cauli mac and cheese a million years ago? Making its way back to the weekly meal plan…

Pumpkin and chocolate for breakfast every day this week, just so you know.

And finally, a little pep talk from Juli at PaleOMG on why rigidity, rules, and stressing over every little thing–even if it’s you health and diet–is not good for you at all. A lot of the same reasons why I made the same choice, and hey…it pays to relax, and you’ll be better off (happier AND healthier) in the long run.

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