Gluten Free Banana Bread (…The Only Recipe You’ll Ever Need)

Oh, look. I made you banana bread. AGAIN.

But this time, I mean it.

The Only Gluten Free Banana Bread Recipe You'll Ever Need || The Not So Desperate Housewife

No. LISTEN. This here is the one and only banana bread I’ve EVER had–gluten free or otherwise–that looks, tastes, and feels like the good old fashioned stuff of my youth.

The BEST Gluten Free Banana Bread | Not So Desperate Housewife

I can’t decide if the fact that, since I started blogging 3 years ago, I’ve made banana bread approximately one billion times means that I’m just that committed to experimenting and learning new things? Or if it’s just…sad? Or maybe I just have commitment issues?

Gluten Free Banana Bread | Not So Desperate Housewife

This recipe, actually, is still one of my favorites and I have used it as a base for so many other baked goodies (like these muffins). So, if you’re feeling like something Paleo, you really won’t find anything better…unless you want nut free and then there’s this recipe I threw together…and then apparently went on some kind of banana bread rampage when I made it almost weekly with some new flavor combo. Coconut curry? Choco-Cherry Upside Down Banana Bread? Smokey Bacon Ginger? I was totally tripped.

The BEST Gluten Free Banana Bread || Not So Desperate Housewife

And now that the itch seems to have returned, I spent the entire weekend destroying the kitchen in search of the perfect gluten free version. I wanted it tender and moist without being crumbly. I had to LOOK like banana bread…you know, the light brown interior with those little black flecks? And–most of all–it could NOT have the rock solid crust that is so characteristic of gluten free baked goods.

So…I did some research—and MATH…so much MATH!—and found out that one of the most popular mixes used in a lot of commercial gluten free blends is *roughly* a 1:2:6 ratio of tapioca starch, potato starch, and rice flour with a little xanthan or guar gum. So for every cup of flour blend, that’s about 11% tapioca starch, 22% potato starch, and 67% rice flour (white, brown, or a combo).

The BEST Gluten Free Banana Bread ||| The Not So Desperate Housewife

It was perfect. I will literally never use another recipe. Never. I seriously cannot impress upon you just how perfect this is.

For the purposes of this recipe—and I am telling you all of this so that you not only understand the method to my madness but so you can appreciate just how much time and energy I expended to deliver this loveliness to the world—one cup of GF flour blend consists of 2/3 cups of rice flour (I used brown), 3.5 tablespoons of potato starch, and 2 tablespoons of tapioca flour.

Now you know. Let’s eat.

Gluten Free Banana Bread

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 60 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour, 15 minutes


  • 2/3 c white or brown rice flour
  • 3 1/2 T potato starch (not potato flour)
  • 2 T tapioca starch
  • 1/3 c light brown sugar
  • 1 t baking soda
  • 1 t cinnamon
  • 1/2 t guar gum or psyllium husk powder
  • 1 c mashed banana (about 2 or 3)
  • 2 eggs
  • 1/4 c melted butter
  • 1/4 c applesauce
  • 1 t vanilla


  1. In a large mixing bowl, combine the flours, baking soda,guar gum, and cinnamon Set aside.
  2. Beat the eggs with the mashed banana, brown sugar, eggs, butter, applesauce, and vanilla until well blended.
  3. Slowly pour the wet mixture over the dry and stir until just combined.
  4. Pour batter into a parchment lined loaf pan.
  5. Bake at 350 degrees for 1 hour, or until a toothpick inserted in the center comes out clean.

The Only Gluten Free Banana Bread Recipe You'll Ever Need | The Not So Desperate Housewife

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    I would love to make the gluten free banana bread but without eggs. What replacement can I use. Thanks


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