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Chipotle Zucchini Bison Burgers

I’ll be completely honest…I totally forgot how hard being a student really is.  I haven’t been in college full time for…a lot of years and jumping right back into it has been a rather rude awakening.  The summer term is especially brutal–it’s only a couple … Read more

Chili Dog Pie

Ross was a real trooper all last week as he less-than-happily-but-lovingly supported me in my latest obsession with fitness competition as he choked down meals of dry baked chicken and unseasoned steamed veggies with me.  I figured tonight was time for a change of plans.… Read more


So, so glad Ross is home…I can actually cook again instead of re-heating skinless chicken breast!

I’ll keep this short and sweet–I’ve got two-a-day cardio sessions all month and it’s already kicking my ass.  Sadness.  But anyway I got the idea for this recipe from … Read more

Paleo “Corn” Dogs

Last week while he was home, I convinced Ross to let me make him some tripe, and as a sort of compromise I made us some sweet potato tots on the side…aaaand I’m not really sure how we landed on the topic but … Read more