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Creamy Coconut Polenta w/ Black Garlic Portobello Ragout

Creamy Coconut Polenta with Black Garlic Portobello Ragout | The Not So Desperate Housewife

My husband and I have been fairly successful in the last few months at adding meatless meals into the weekly roundup. There’s a few reasons for this–mostly having to do with global warming and factory farming (I guess one feeds the other)–but politics aside, it’s … Read more

Whipped Goat Cheese and Chive Mashed Cauliflower

There are two kinds of people in the world.

Whipped Goat Cheese and Chive Mashed Cauliflower | Not So Desperate Housewife

1) Those who see mashed cauliflower as a gray, bland, and dingey substitute for mashed potatoes when you’re dieting and want to pretend like you’re not miserable. 2) Those who know that it can be epic.… Read more

Pile o’ Thanksgiving Tacos

I happily anticipate the day when I can host my first Thanksgiving dinner.

Pile o' Thanksgiving Tacos -- Not So Desperate Housewife

…May be a while thanks to the enormity of my good Catholic family and the smallness of my house, but as soon as hubs and I can afford our first mansion on … Read more

“Thanksgiving Stuffing” Slow Cooker Rice Casserole

The slow cooker rice casserole is my new go-to meal option. Seriously, changed my life…not only is it just insanely easy, but it’s the best way I’ve come up with like, ever, to use up my random assortments of leftovers. I have yet to find … Read more

Cucumber Salad with Yogurt Dill Dressing

Cucumber Salad w Yogurt and Dill

What with being unemployed and all and not exactly having a place to live until August 1, hubs and I are spending a few weeks with my parents. The older we all get, I’m starting to have more and more respect for how my folks … Read more