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Make Friends & Amaze Your Date: Roast Duck

A roast chicken is classic, a roast beef is homey, but something about a roast duck just screams FANCY. I suppose it’s true that duck is more of a rarity. It’s pricey, sure, but there is something about it that’s innately intimidating.

Roast Duck with Oranges || The Not So Desperate Housewife

Not sure why…it’s … Read more

Pile o’ Thanksgiving Tacos

I happily anticipate the day when I can host my first Thanksgiving dinner.

Pile o' Thanksgiving Tacos -- Not So Desperate Housewife

…May be a while thanks to the enormity of my good Catholic family and the smallness of my house, but as soon as hubs and I can afford our first mansion on … Read more

Pumpkin Curry Turkey Meatballs

The original plan last night was to make these lamb meatballs.  Quick, easy…sticky sweet and decadent…You guys, when the holiday season comes along I don’t mess around.  It’s one month a year to cram as much good food into my facehole and I’ve never … Read more