Sweet Potato Hummus

This weekend has been unbelievably lonely.  And not only is work going to suck extra hard after a long weekend but the Hubs left yesterday morning to spend the summer in Boston.  Yeah, I cried like a baaaaaaaby.  And ate a LOTTTTTTT of bacon brownies.  If you haven’t made these yet I’m really, really upset with you.

So I’m starting a 21 Day Sugar Detox this week.  I know, I know…after my little fiasco with my New Years Whole30, I’m skeptical, too.  Cut me some slack, OK??  There’s a lot to be said for cutting the crap and resetting your system from time to time, especially if your husband is out of town all summer and you’ve got no one to cook for but yourself.  Except I guess that means I need to kill the rest of this hummus, like, today…

There have been a few variations of this stuff floating around on Pinterest lately–God, I love Pinterest–but they’re all raw and vegan and full of weird sh*t like liquid smoke and stevia and don’t let you bake the sweet potatoes.  I don’t do raw potatoes.  You might as well eat sand.  Nosirrrreeeee, Bob….not gonna happen.


1 Large Sweet Potato

Juice of 1 Lemon

1/4 c Tahini

2 Cloves Garlic

Salt and Pepper to taste


Bake and peel your sweet potato.  You want this sucker to be SOFT–I baked mine in foil at 425 for 90 minutes.  Once it’s done baking, allow to cool slightly and the skin should slide right off.

Toss in a food processor with the remaining ingredients.  Pulse until very smooth.

Serve with veggies, on salad, with these chips, or just spoon into your face.

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12 thoughts on “Sweet Potato Hummus

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  3. Ruby

    This is delicious. And so easy! Though we were dangerously close to just eating it all directly out of the food processor.

  4. Lauren Kinney

    I whipped this up in 5 minutes, and it was delicious.

    I opted for the chunky version since I don’t have a food processor. While I cooked my sweet potato in the microwave, I mixed the tahini and lemon juice in a bowl. Then I chopped up the sweet potato and garlic as finely as I could before adding it in. It worked great.

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      1. sharon

        I see, because you’re making a type of hummus.. which is not acceptable in Whole 30. But if someone were to just put a baked sweet potato in the food processor it would be ok? Just trying to clarify because I’m doing Whole30 right now… yay for day 6!

        Is there a reason you didn’t include the skin? I always include skin and blends pretty smooth in the food processor.

        1. Sarah

          I think this is totally whole30 approved! Hummus isn’t one of those “guilty pleasures”, like say- brownies. Making a paleo “brownie” would not be whole30 approved but making a tasty dip out of whole30 approved ingredients is totally kosher on my own personal whole30 journey! I say enjoy!

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