Top 10 of 2013!

Another year, another load of recipes.  Probably not as many as I would have liked…but then again I surprised myself with a few of them.  Like this?  No idea it would become a weeknight staple.  Or these cupcakes??  Holy crap.  I’m shocked I came out of my sugar coma like…at all.  Had some real downers, too.  Oh, boy…did I ever.  But of course I just didn’t even bother posting so let’s pretend like they never happened, shall we?  OK.  Good.

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10.  Sweet Potato Muffins.  I realized that the last time they made an appearance was when we lived in Texas.  Kinda warms my little heart when I realize people still go back to some of my oldest posts.

9.  Apple Pie Muffins.  Easily my favorite breakfast item of the year. (I was a little shocked these didn’t even make top 20, though!)

8.  Banana Pancakes.  Banana Pancakes are great.  I mean, that guy wrote a song about them and everything!

7.  Magic Bars.  Gah!  These were dangerous in their simplicity.

6.  (TGI)Paleo Bread 2.0.  Because everyone needs a sandwich now and then.  Am I right or am I right?

5.  Avocado Ranch Dressing.  Is it bad I can’t talk about this without thinking of Homer Simpson hooked up to the ranch dressing hose.

4.  Three Ingredient Hawaiian Pulled Pork.  The beauty is in the simplicity.  And in the fact that I can throw this together in 30 seconds before I leave the house at some ungodly hour.

3.  The BEST Paleo Vanilla Cupcakes.  Because of course they are.

2.  Avocado Brownies.  I used a LOT of avocados this year…

1.  My Absolute Favorite Protein Pancakes.  I love a little controversy.  (“Protein powder is Paleo!”  “No it’s not!”  Fight!  Boo!  Hiss!).  Either way, they were the most read post of the year.  For something posted in October?  Not too shabby!

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  1. Carly

    What a great list!! I’m also wondering what each of the photos is in the banner for this post – I see the sausage-stuffed apples in there (one of my all-time faves) but am not sure what the others are. That casserole-looking dish with the red onions looks ridiculously amazing. Thanks!! Happy new year!


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