Recipe Fail: Greek Yogurt Buttercream

As a reader, I love the Internet because it feels like there is literally nothing that’s not on it. Like Rule 34, but for life.


As a food blogger, I freaking hate it because there’s nothing that’s original anymore. Cannot tell you how many times I thought I had some new, wonderful, completely unique idea and it turned out that there were not only a million recipes for it, but that they were WAY better than mine.


Thus the Greek Yogurt Buttercream. Adding a little yogurt to a buttercream has come and gone apparently, but I was so fixated on making something new and creative that I came up with the idea of just mixing plain or flavored yogurt with powdered sugar. It was easy, and in theory, delicious.


So. First, it took SO MUCH SUGAR added to the yogurt to get it to “stiff peaks” territory. Turns out there’s a reason most frosting recipes require heavy cream or butter or something else whip-able. And even when I finally got it to stay put, it kind of melted in about 5 minutes.


Did I mention that there was SO MUCH SUGAR in this? I’m a frosting gal forever, but even I was positively repulsed at taking a big bite of what is basically PURE SUGAR…so much sugar, in fact, that there’s no indication that there’s yogurt or anything else at all in there.

The cupcakes, however, were amazing. They were the original batch of a recipe that would go on to be tweaked (aka, stuffed full of chocolate) to create these Chocolate Sweet Potato Cupcakes. So that’s something, right?

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