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Beetroot Dark & Stormy (aka, ‘Slasher Flick’)

You’ve got crappy weather and blood. Thus, ‘Slasher Flick.’ I’m clever.

Beetroot Dark & Stormy | The Not So Desperate Housewife-4

Remember Scream? And Final Destination? And all 800 sequels? Totally the source of every bad dream I had between 1996 and 2006. I have never…NEVER…liked scary movies, most especially the ones with those levels … Read more

The Nor Cal Margarita

If I wanted a glass of juice with what may or may not be alcohol mildly detectable under the mountain of syrup and multicolored who-knows-what, I’d get a Slurpee.

Nor Cal Margaritas || The Not So Desperate Housewife

Sweet and sour mix? What is this, a high school dance? Why would you ever bastardize … Read more